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Kate Barclay
at Amy Adler’s Echo Park studio

March 13:
A Complete Art History in an Hour
Christopher Russell 
Lily Simonson

Christopher Russell employs photography, bookmaking, writing, drawing, and digital-media printmaking to illustrate his explorations of the darker side of the human psyche. Investigating, and sometimes fabricating, the reasons people live or behave outside of socially acceptable margins, his work offers visions of what many would deem dirty, broken, useless, or criminal. Through the lens of a present-day flâneur, viewers are made privy to Russell’s observant, analytical wanderings along the physical and emotional outskirts of society. He has exhibited at the UCLA Hammer Museum, the Acuna Hansen Gallery, and the Circus Gallery. He received his MFA from the Art Center College of Design and BFA from the California College of Arts and Crafts. Click here to see the UCLA Hammer exhibition.

Christopher Russell appears with special thanks to Ohio University. Thanks, Bobcats!

Lily Simonson is an artist based in Los Angeles and has been exhibited internationally. In addition blogging for Art21, her art and writing have been featured in a diverse range of media outlets including Ms. Magazine, The Census of Marine Life Annual Highlights Report, LA Weekly, The Washington Academy of Sciences Peer Review Journal, and MTV. Simonson has taught painting, drawing, and art history at The Public School/Telic Arts Exchange, UCLA, UC Berkeley, and CSU Pomona. She holds an MFA in Painting from UCLA and a BA in Art from UC Berkeley. Visit